This section covers most of the topics we get asked however if you want to know something not covered here then get in touch.


Can I see a Warlock in person before buying a frameset?

Yes though we don’t always have an example built up for test rides but you’re always welcome to pay a visit to see a frameset in person or collect a frame you’ve purchased. Contact Tim to arrange an appointment.

Do you ship to the EU? If so, how long does it take?

Yes we do. Not that much has changed since the UK left the EU aside from how goods imported into the EU are now paid for, the details of which are on the EU & International page. We’ve switched couriers to DHL so delivery now takes between 4 and 6 days depending on location. Sometimes delivery can be faster if you live in or near a major city.

What’s the waiting time for a frameset?

There’s no waiting/lead times. Framesets are in stock here at Fearless HQ and ready to ship. If we’ve run out of a particular size in a particular colour then it’ll will be mentioned on the purchase page.

I’ve seen photos of the Warlock without the bolts on the front forks. Do you supply all the bolts?

Yes. The Warlock frameset comes with bolts for the 2 bottle mounts and the 3 cargo cage mounts including the 2 pairs on the fork blades. It doesn’t come with bolts for rear carriers or mudguards/fenders as these will require a bolt length specific to the accessory you intend to fit.

Does the Warlock come with a headset?

Not currently though we may offer build kits including headsets in the future. We recommend the following headsets for the Warlock when fitting the supplied 404 Type 2 fork:-
Hope ‘Pick & Mix’
top cup- Type 2 or ‘HSC2’
lower cup- Type B or ‘HSCB’
Superstar Components
Top Cup- Type 2
Lower cup- Type B
Cane Creek 40 Series
Cane Creek supply the correct cups as a set. Part number BAA0075K for the short top cup version in black.

Other manufacturers make the correct headsets also. When fitting the supplied 404 Type 2 fork you’ll need a ZS44/28.6 top cup and a ZS44/30 lower cup
ZS stands for ‘zero stack’
44 is the internal diameter of the headtube- 44mm
The last figure is the diameter of the fork steerer tube so 28.6mm shaft, 30mm at the crown race.

If fitting an aftermarket tapered 1 1/8″ – 1.5″ carbon fork you’ll need a ZS44/28.6 top cup and an EC44/40 lower cup

Will my frameset need much preparation before building it up?

Nope. The build quality of our frames is top notch and we’ve had a lot of praise from bike mechanics where customers have opted to take their framesets to a reputable bike shop for assembly. Frame alignment is perfect and we went the extra mile to ensure contact areas of the frame were masked during painting so free from paint build up. Tolerance critical parts such as flat mount calipers can be installed without further frameset preparation. All frames are checked over, paint masking material removed before shipping and cable routing is clean, logical and straight forward. We want the experience of building up and maintaining your Fearless to be as fun and hassle free as the riding.

How much does a Warlock frameset weigh?

Frame weights are fairly competitive for a steel disc brake bike designed to withstand the rigours of aggressive off-road riding & touring. Lightweight Warlock builds are achievable when using higher end parts and tubeless XC and gravel racing tyres.  The following measurements were taken without hardware.

Small- 2.24 kg, Medium- 2.34 kg, Large- 2.43 kg, XL- 2.54 kg, Fork (uncut 300mm steerer)- 1.11 kgs



Maintenance & Care

How do I remove the Warlock’s derailleur hanger?

From behind- Tap the hanger out with the rear 12mm axle making sure to remove the retaining screw first. Method- Take the wheel out and wind the axle back in enough so there’s plenty of axle inside the hanger but not fully wound in- this allows some forward movement. tap the axle in with the back of your hand. Wind the axle out a turn or so more and repeat the process. Never try and wiggle the hanger out, always remove it from behind using the axle.

Can you supply retouching paint?

The Warlock has a tough powder coat finish which contains an amount of plastic making it much harder wearing than standard liquid paint but cannot be retouched as easily. Ride your Fearless regularly for a few years and if it’s looking scruffy then take it to a professional finishers that paints bicycle frames. Most respectable finishers will provide decal application as part of their respraying service.The decals used on Fearless frames are wet transfer types and have a limited shelf life so unfortunately we cannot keep theses in stock however we’re happy to supply the digital artwork for decal printing. Decals are usually applied before the final layer of clear coat lacquer.

What warranty do you offer?

The terms of our warranty can be found here.

I’ve lost my axles. Can you sell me some?

We don’t keep enough spare axles in stock to sell them separately as they’re paired with the framesets we sell and there’s already an abundance of high quality aftermarket axles available. The Warlock frame & fork requires axles with the following dimensions:-

Front- 12x125mm, 1.5mm thread
Rear- 12x170mm, 1.5mm thread