EU Customers

How you purchase framesets from Fearless has now changed. It’s not complicated but there’s some things you should know to avoid any confusion. Frames are now sold without UK taxes applied and taxes will be collected by the courier on when your Fearless is delivered. To better explain this here’s an example of how much a Warlock frameset shipped to Germany would cost:-

Payable to Fearless
Warlock frameset £625
Delivery £45
Total £670
Collected by DHL
19% German VAT £127.30
4.7% EU import duty £31.49
Disbursement fee (approx.) £15.00
Total price inc. delivery £834.79

Couriers collect what’s known as a disbursement fee to cover administration costs of collecting duty and taxes. VAT rate varies from country to country so it’s worth checking what VAT is applicable.


Prices do not include UK VAT @ 20%. Customers are responsible for paying import duty and taxes in their respective country/state/province.