Smooth rolling & lightweight Double Butted Chromoly steel frame

Supplied with a chromoly steel adventure fork. Plenty of cargo & accessory mounting options

Big tyre clearances

1x & 2x drivechain compatible 

Carbon fork ready tapered headtube

Mounts for mudguards, front & rear carriers, 2x bottles, 3x Anything cage

grime busting forward facing seatpost slot

Here’s some info on the upcoming new the Vulture MK2 Steel frameset, due later this Spring. The frameset functions in part as a direct replacement for the Warlock Mk1 released back in 2021; its handling and ride characteristics are very similar especially with 650b/27.5” wheels and tyres fitted, though it’s lighter and little more comfortable due to the thinner wall seat tube an increased stack. There’s a more drop bar MTB/ATB orientated Warlock MK2 in the works so if you missed the chance to pick up a Warlock the first time around, the new Vulture MK2 Steel is the closest bike to it.

Just to clarify- these aren’t semi-custom nor made to order like the titanium version. This is a small batch production run with framesets to be kept in stock here at Fearless.

Some of you may have seen the pictures of the prototype frames shown on Instagram in the summer. There’s a few changes over those prototypes. The accessory eyelets on the fork have been revised and after an extended test period there’s been some slight tweaks to the geometry, mostly regarding frame fit. These will be transferred to the Ti version.

It’s most definitely gravel & adventure bike rather than a drop bar MTB though some have referred to it as MonsterCross machine and that’s fine. One thing it’s definitely not is ‘retro inspired’- it’s a proper modern multirole steel frameset with modern geometry and disc brake mounts.

Like it’s titanium counterpart it’s a big tyre bike with miles in mind that’s packed with utility; made for long days or weeks or months in saddle, both on and off-road.

After experimenting with some saturated colours on the prototypes with some mixed reactions we’ve opted for something more subdued; a beautiful muted blue-ish green mix we’re calling Mid-Atlantic and a warm shade of grey. The latter is combined with colourful graphics adding some eye catching colour contrast.

Frame & fork weights will follow shortly. Price is also to be confirmed but I’m aiming to keep it reasonable.


frameset spec & parts compatibility

Frame Double butted chromoly steel, carbon fork ready tapered headtube, Cable routing for 2x & 1x mechanical drivechains, 2x water bottle mounts, 1x Anything cage mount, grime busting forward facing seat post collar.
Dropouts Rear: 142 x 12mm thru axle, fork: 100 x 12mm thru axle
Tyres 55-622 or 700x55c (29×2.15″), 61-584 or 650x61c (27.5 x 2.4″)
Brakes Flat mount- 140/160mm rotor
Seatpost 27.2mm post, 29.8mm clamp
Headtube 34/44mm tapered. Use EC34/28.6 top cup and ZS44/30 lower cup for supplied steel fork. Use EC34/28.6 top cup and EC44/40 lower cup for aftermarket carbon forks
Front mech 28.6 band on
BB Shell 68mm width. BSA/English thread
Crankset  Max 2x: 48/34T, Max 1x:44T
Fork Chromoly steel adventure fork, 52mm offset. A/C: 409mm. 2x sets of cargo mounts, eyelets for mudguards, external routing for dynamo cable. Supplied with 12mm thru axle.
Finish Available in 2 powder coat colours- Mid Atlantic Green and Warm grey. Both the frame and fork are ED coated for extra corrosion protection
Included Frame & fork set includes, front & rear 12mm thru axles, seat collar, under BB cable guide, hose clips and zip ties, full bolt kit

Frame Details

The frame is constructed from double butted chromoly steel road tubing and comes with an extremely well equipped steel fork with all the cargo carrying configurations you’ll need. For those riders looking to build up a lightweight, less adventure orientated bike, the tapered headtube is compatible with tapered carbon forks with an axle to crown measurements around 398mm range.

The frame geo is slightly more compact with more top tube slope than Fearless’ previous models but giving better standover clearance to compensate for the taller 700c tyres. The frameset’s stack is also increased with a shorter reach for a more inclusive fit, improved long distance comfort and off-road control.

Taking feedback from Warlock owners we’ve prioritised clearance for a wide range of wheel and tyre sizes. More tyre clearance means a wider choice of tread patterns to tailor your bike to your riding style and conditions.

As a lot of gravel riders are becoming aware, cross-country MTB tyres make great gravel tyres and the extra clearance make for better mud shedding capabilities makes the Vulture MkII is a true all-year-round riding partner.The Vulture comes equipped with our custom and designed in house rear dropouts and derailleur hanger. Based on a traditional Wright style hooded dropout design it’s possibly the lightest and most compact steel 12mm thru axle assembly in the industry. The frame also has 2x routing for all-road, touring and more conventional gravel applications and this time around the machined 6061 aluminium alloy derailleur hanger has a silver anodised finish. The under BB front cable guide is detachable if you intend to fit a 1x drivechain.

As with all Fearless framesets both the frame and fork have ED coating for increased corrosion protection and come in two powder coat finishes.


The frame comes supplied with a versatile chromoly steel front fork with all the eyelets required for long distance adventure riding, bike packing and touring. With 3 different types of front carrier: mid-blade attachment, long strut ‘Porteur’ style racks that attach at the dropout and also minimalist handlebar bag supports with shorter struts. With 6 eyelets on each side you can fit pretty much any combination of Anything cage and rack you like. There’s routing for a dynamo hub on the fork leg, tucked neatly inboard of the fork blade with 3 P-clips securing the wire to the frame and away from the tyre.

The prototype frames had internal routing but I wasn’t happy with it- was difficult to fit a cable unless oversize holes were drilled at points on the fork most susceptible to water and dirt ingress. The p-clips are secured by low profile round cap hex bolts which are unobtrusive if you’re not running a front dynamo light. The system makes swapping wheelsets and dynamo system installation/removal less tiresome.

Just like the Vulture MK1 and the Warlock, the fork and headtube arrangement allows for the fitting of aftermarket tapered steerer carbon forks without affecting the steering geometry.

Tyre Clearances

The largest 700c tyre that will fit into the frame & fork is a 55-622. So that’s a tyre no wider or taller than 55mm from the rim’s bead seat. Some tyre manufacturers express this as 2.15”, others 2.2” (Such as the 29×2.2” Continental Race King which is a 55-622 tyre). Expect gravel bike tyre clearances so around 5mm with the larges compatible tyres fitted. The largest 650B/27.5” tyre that will fit is a 61-584, so that’s a tyre that’s no wider or taller than 61mm from the wheel’s bead seat. Some brands express this as 27×2.4”. If you’re aiming for greater mud clearance then go a size or two down.

When selecting tyres It’s worth checking their metric ERTRO measurement rather than the quoted imperial measurement as this accurately describes a tyre’s height and width. I recently tested some 29×2.1 tyres (with no ERTRO measurement on the sidewall) which came out at only 52mm wide but 56mm tall from the bead seat… so quoted imperial measurements are often a rough approximation. It’s also worth remembering that rim internal diameter also has an effect on tyre width and height.

700c with Mudguards: Based on an SKS Bluemels 28” 55 mudguard (which is the biggest 700c mudguard that will fit the frame) the largest tyre with mudguards fitted is a 700x47c.

650B/27.5” with Mudguards: Based on an SKS Bluemels 28” 69 mudguard (which is the biggest 650B mudguard that will fit) the largest tyre combined with mudguards is a 61-584 (27.5 x 2.4”) which is bonkers when you think about it.


S (49cm) M (52cm) L (56cm) XL (58cm)
1. Effective Top Tube 535 550 560 575
2. Seat Tube 460 500 530 560
3. Head Angle 70.5° 71° 71° 71.5°
4. Seat Angle 74° 73.5° 73° 73°
5. Stack 566 587 615.5 636.5
6. Reach 373 376 372 380
7. Head Tube 130 150 180 200
8. Chainstay Length 445 445 445 445
9. Standover 700x50c 757 788 816 841.5
10. Wheelbase 1043 1048.5 1054 1064.5
11. Bottom Bracket Drop 72 72 72 72
Rider Height Range* 166-172cm 171-175cm 178-186cm 184-193cm

* Every rider is different so this is a rough guide. If you need confirmation of which size frame is the fit best for you then it’s always worth getting in touch. Let us know your height and barefoot inseam (measured in cm) and also what bike you’re currently riding. Another piece of useful info is the height of your saddle on your current bike, measured from the centre of the BB/crank spindle to the top-centre of the saddle. 

A lot of time goes into designing bikes with maximum component compatibility in mind but we’re restricted by component manufacturer’s specifications. Sram Wide 2x and Shimano GRX 2x still use a chainline that’s relatively close to the tyre and frame despite their equivalent 1x drivechains being further outboard. Tyres around 700x45c are recommended when running 2x. So this isn’t a restriction of the frame but GRX and Sram Wide 2x drivechains. Actually there’s some logic to this as the kind of steep terrain large circumference 29” tyres are designed for isn’t really suited to large front sprockets.

If you want to run wide, low pressure rubber with useable 2x gears then 650B/27.5” is the way to go as the smaller wheel will play nicely with the taller gearing. With GRX 2x a 55-584 (27.5×2.15” or some brand’s 2.2”) tyre will work. According to Sram their Wide 2x drivechains are restricted to 27.5×2.1”.

So that’s all for now. They’ll be photos, more info added here once the framesets arrive at Fearless HQ. Meanwhile, if you have any questions then get in touch.